I have worked with a lot of real estate agents at Wonderboy Websites, and have had some time to look more closely at the keywords people use to find real estate agents. It turns out that REALTORS® are a lot like Kleenex. Huh?

So, you know how very few people will say “Please hand me a tissue?”, and instead will say “Please hand me a Kleenex”? It turns out that very few people will use the lengthy term “real estate agent” when searching for real estate agents. Instead, people will frequently use the term “realtor”.

It would be unethical for you to claim yourself as a REALTOR (By becoming a member of the National Association of Realtors) without actually being a REALTOR on your website and social profiles, so you should become one! Once you become a REALTOR, you can use that keyword guilt free, and have access to the volume of traffic that use that keyword over the more lengthy “real estate agent” keyword.

Here’s a screenshot from Google AdWords’ keyword tool to illustrate what I mean (Click to enlarge):


SEO is about supply and demand

So, perhaps many of you have been involved with various SEO tactics over the years. Remember the good ol’ days of paying an outsourcer $3 an hour to build tons of crappy links to your site, and you would rank easily? I miss those days too, hehe. Anyway, the game has changed, and I advocate for the simple concept of “Supply and Demand” when it comes to SEO.

The screenshot shows exactly that. There are over 9 million monthly searches for ‘realtors’, and only 1.8 million for ‘real estate agents’. The demand for ‘realtors’ is 5x what the demand for ‘real estate agents’ is. Then, there is the supply side. We can see that Google perceives the keyword ‘realtors’ as having’ low’ competition, while the ‘real estate agents’ have ‘medium’ competition.

So, we have higher demand and lower supply for ‘realtors’. Looks like a good situation for you to be involved in! Become a REALTOR, use the keywords, build your authority, and you’ll be on your way to more organic traffic!

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