Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization

Off Page Search Engine optimization is all about building the authority of your website. In other words, your website needs to get other websites to recognize your website. Some call this process ‘link building’, but at Wonderboy Websites, we believe an off-page strategy involves more than building links.

On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization

On Page Search Engine Optimization is the first step to a solid SEO strategy. On-Page will get your site ready to rank by doing an on-page analysis, and implementing an on-page keyword strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the tactics used to get your website to rank higher for specific search queries on Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

At Wonderboy Websites, we love SEO projects. In fact, we also operate several websites of our own that rank very well for specific keywords, and earn plenty of traffic from it. We are no strangers to the top position in Google search, and we would love to help you get there too.

We will always include basic SEO with every website we build. Advanced SEO is extra, but well worth it if you are really committed to your website. We can also implement SEO strategies on websites that we did not build, or we can advise on SEO if it is not possible for us to manipulate your site.

If you are interested in SEO services, please send us an inquiry.

Because SEO is one of the most frequently misunderstood web marketing services, so we have prepared this FAQ about SEO to help you decide if it’s right for your business.

Q: What is involved with SEO?

A: SEO is about three main things: The first is having information about a certain topic. The second thing is about making that information easily read by search engines and your site visitors. The third, and most important thing, is to be seen as an authority on whatever topic your website or web page is about.

Q: Is SEO a quick way to drive traffic to my website?

A: In most cases, no. Many people describe the SEO process as more of a marathon than a sprint. Some parts of SEO are relatively easy to implement and can have an impact quickly, but in many cases, ranking well requires a solid strategy and action plan. The good news for local business is that the competition is usually unsophisticated and competition is much lower, making local SEO much easier.

Q: Why is SEO so expensive?

A: A good SEO strategy that results in excellent rankings can have a huge positive impact on your business. It is not outlandish to say that ranking #1 for a  competitive keyword can easily be worth millions of dollars of business. However, for a website to rank well, a solid strategy must be developed and implemented. SEO strategies tend to be time consuming and labor intensive. The results are often worth it, but you must be prepared to spend some money and be patient.


Thank you, Wonderboy!

My service of being a private personal trainer in Palo Alto is loved by my clients, but it has been very difficult to get new clients to find my website on Google and become engaged even if the link appears. I approached Alan to help raise my search rank and improve my website to make it more appealing.

I wanted a small, local, business that would be compatible with my business Steven Rice Fitness. Alan was also recommended by another individual working independently in the fitness world Being a sole proprietor working directly with another was great and exactly what I was looking for.

My plan was a short, intense effort for one month to improve my results for the keyword phrase “personal trainer palo alto” and I am very happy to report that my business has moved from near invisibility to the first page on Google search. My website is also more appealing, and I have much better presence elsewhere on the web. I also learned a lot from talking with Alan and the thorough reports he delivered. Alan is friendly and enthusiastic which also makes working with him enjoyable.

– Steven Rice
Steven Rice Fitness


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