Why Work With Us?

At Wonderboy Websites, we have some policies that make us different. See for yourself!

We Work Exclusively With Small Businesses:

Many web designers jump at the chance to do a big website for a medium or large-sized company. At Wonderboy Websites, we don’t. We’re small, and we’re FOR the small guy.

We Like To Empower Business Owners:

Back in the old days of the internet, building a website required very specific technical skills. While this is still true, in many cases, we can deliver a website where you don’t need technical knowledge to maintain and edit it.

We’re All About Conversion:

Many web designers are visual artistic types, but lack the experience of promoting the website and getting traffic. At Wonderboy Websites, we take a ‘conversion first’ approach with every website. We don’t want to build a website that just looks nice, we want to build a website that delivers real business results.

We’re Local:

We’re based in Mountain View, CA. and we like to keep our work within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. While we recognize that we can work from anywhere, we really like to meet face-to-face and provide the level of service that only a local provider can give.

We Don’t Turn Your Website Into An Ad:

Web designers have a very bad habit of turning their clients’ websites into self-serving advertisements by putting a link in their client’s footer directing visitors back to the designer’s website. We simply don’t do this at Wonderboy Websites, even if you tell us that we can! Instead, we’ll post your website to our portfolio, and link back to you!

We Don’t Have an Ego:

It’s nice to be respected in your field; but it’s not nice to make a big deal out of it. We don’t care about becoming internet famous, and we certainly don’t care about collecting bragging rights. All we want to do is deliver a website or marketing strategy that works for you.

We’re Philanthropists:

Wonderboy Websites is dedicated to raising funds for causes that we believe in. From donations to the Wikimedia Foundation and in December 2012, musical charities, Wonderboy Websites is always looking for good causes to share our success with.

green-biz-300We’re Green:

We love nature and animals at Wonderboy Websites, and we are committed to implementing policies that minimize environmental impact. As of June 2014, we are a Bay Area Certified Green Business! Some of the things we do to minimize our environmental impact are:

  • Use digital documents and document signing as much as possible
  • Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  • Use energy efficient lighting
  • Use recycled paper products
  • Recycle paper and containers
  • Use rechargeable batteries

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