Who We Are & What We Do

Wonderboy Websites is focused on helping small & medium-sized businesses improve their websites & online presence.

We specialize in website design, technical support, search marketing including SEO, PPC, and Local Search, as well as graphic design and video production.

Whether you are looking to develop a new website or drive traffic to an existing one, we can help!


Wonderboy Websites was officially founded by Alan Bayer in 2011. After being an internet user for over 15 years, of which about 8 were doing internet work professionally, Alan decided to fire the boss and venture out on his own.

At first, Wonderboy Websites focused more heavily on online marketing. After getting involved in the local business community, it became clear that website design was a more highly sought-after service, and of course, we already knew that half of the work in online marketing is directly related to the quality of your website and other digital assets.

As time went on, we got more requests for other services related to web design and online marketing, such as IT support, graphic design and video production. We now provide those services as well, but on a more limited basis.

2020 proved to be an exceptionally challenging year. While we were initially busy handling various website requests related to COVID, business slowed down considerably later in the year. This gave us some extra time to think about the direction of the business as well as (finally!) get our 2nd-generation website launched.

After nearly 10 years of doing what we do, we are more optimistic than ever about our ability to deliver high-quality, custom websites, that are built around your business operations and goals, and function as true business assets.

About Alan

Prior to founding Wonderboy Websites in 2011, Alan already had nearly 25 years of experience being an enthusiastic computer power user (nerd). Having been online since the early 90’s–first with dial-up BBSs, then the early internet, then of course the internet we know today, Alan has collected a broad skillset for tackling most of the internet-related goals or problems that most businesses will ever have.

Alan is a staunch individualist with a colorful personality. He laughs a lot, has a humorous view of the world, and cracks a lot of jokes. He is a knowledge junkie with interests covering a broad variety of topics. He is a cautious capitalist, but likes to make money. Alan is also a big believer in small business and believes all Americans should be entrepreneurial–even if only part-time. Outside of work, Alan enjoys reading, listening to music, cooking, gardening, and tinkering with gadgets.

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