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PPC Advertising FAQs

PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising is a unique ad medium where you pay based on the number of people who click your ad, and are directed to your website. It is probably the greatest ad format ever invented, and we at Wonderboy Websites are well-versed in all aspects of running a successful PPC campaign.

At Wonderboy Websites, we have years of experience running successful PPC campaigns, sometimes reaching conversation rates over 10%. This means that one out of ten people who click through the ad achieve a specific business goal. PPC ads can be used for a variety of campaigns for your business, and if managed well, can be very reasonable in cost.

If you are interested in running PPC campaigns, or you’d like to optimize ads you’re already running, we’d love to talk to you about it. Send us an inquiry for more information.

Here are some common questions and answers about PPC campaigns.

Q: Is it true that PPC advertising can get your website to the top of the search engines immediately?

A: Actually, yes. This is true! However, before we get too excited, it’s important to know that sometimes high placement on the search engines can come at a steep price, and also, just because you’re there and you’re achieving a lot of clicks, it does not mean that you’ll be successful. At Wonderboy Websites, we are pros at this, and we want to make you successful with PPC.

Q: Where do PPC ads appear?

A: They can appear in many places, but they’re initially configured at the search engines. Google AdWords is the largest and most famous PPC platform, but Bing also offers a similar platform. These ads appear on their respective search engines, plus many other sites on the web. Amazon.com for example shows Google AdWords ads on their product pages. You can also elect to show your ads in the ‘Content Network’, which is made up of sites that display Google ads through their AdSense program.

Q: I hear that PPC ads are very expensive, is that true?

A: It depends what keywords you’re targeting. Some keywords can cost as little as $.05 a click, but it is not unheard of to see clicks that can cost over $10 each. The expensive clicks tend to be tied to keywords for expensive professional services such as lawyers and *surprise!* internet marketing. The important thing to worry about with PPC is whether your PPC efforts bring in enough business to cover your costs. If you have to spend $10 a click, and you achieve a 2% conversion rate, that means you’re spending about $500 per business goal. If that goal means $10,000 in business, you’re probably fine. If that $500 brings you $500 in business, you’ll need to re-examine your strategy.

Q: What is involved with a PPC campaign?

A: PPC campaigns have a few components which all need to work together to achieve the best results. The first is keyword strategy. The second is your ad copy. Finally, your website needs to be compelling for the person who clicked your ad to lead to a conversion. Beyond the conversion process, PPC campaign results should be measured so they can be continually optimized for better results.

Q: Why should I pay so much money for PPC ads?

A: The big advantage of PPC ads is that with good keyword research, you can target people who are already pre-qualified for your products and services. This pre-qualified traffic is very close to converting, and you can take advantage of that. PPC ads are so expensive because they work so well when done properly.

Q: What is involved with PPC optimization?

A: PPC optimization usually boils down to three things: First is reducing your costs–per click, and per conversion. Second is increasing your conversion rate. Third, is increasing the number of clicks. However, these three things can not necessarily be done in a single campaign. Successful PPC optimization is always a balancing act, but ultimately the goal is to increase your business results.

PPC Advertising Services

Keyword Research

Before deploying PPC ads, we’ll do keyword research about your business’ products & services.

Ad Copy

It’s important to deploy multiple ads for your business. In addition to ads targeting your business name, you should also deploy ads targeting each service you offer.

Tracking Configuration

When you deploy a PPC campaign, it’s crucial to understand how well each click to your website performs. We will configure appropriate tracking on your website so that we can understand how your PPC traffic performs.

Landing Pages

When you deploy an ad campaign, it’s important to have a relevant “landing page” that users will see upon clicking your ad. These landing pages should be closely related to your ad, and provide a clear path to achieving a goal, whether that means submitting a form or calling your business.


When running PPC ads, it’s important to review your results periodically. We provide comprehensive reports to analyze your PPC traffic results as well as your website’s overall traffic and conversions.

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