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Local Search FAQs

What is local search?

If you’ve ever done a search for a restaurant on Google, you may have noticed a map in the search results. On that map are little icons showing where all of the restaurants are. After searching, you may have noticed that your favorite neighborhood restaurant doesn’t show up on the map. There are winners and losers in local search, and we want to make you a winner.

Why local search?

People use search engines multiple times a day, every day, to find information. In any given local area, there can be anywhere from thousands to millions of searches performed by people looking for information. A significant portion of these searches will be for local services. The phone book is dead. If you are a local business, you need to be found by people who are looking for your products or services, when they’re looking for it.

What if I already show up in local search?

That’s great! If you are showing up for searches related to your products and services, you are already ahead of the game. However, you are also more vulnerable. If you were to lose the rankings you have, it could potentially harm your business. We’re not here to scare you, however. If you’re already appearing in local search, you have a major advantage that can be leveraged in many profit-generating ways.

Local Search Features

Provide a Useful Description

With a complete description of what your business is about, you can include information about specific products and services you offer, your business categories, the payment methods you accept and much more.

Illustrate With Media

Allow your customers to get a feel for your business with photos and videos. They’ll know what your location looks like and get a compelling look at your products and services through the power of video.

Integrate With Maps

Your customers can see your location on a map, and easily get directions.

Leverage Local Reviews

Reviews serve as a powerful trust indicator. We’ll get you set up to display these reviews.

Display Business Hours

With your business hours on display, your customers will visit you when you’re ready, as well as cut down on those “Hey are you guys open?” phone calls.

Offer Special Deals

Information is great, but giving people special deals really motivates them. Offer discounts to people who find you on local search to increase your results.

Advanced Reporting

Every month we will analyze your current internet presence, and identify strengths and weaknesses in your current situation. We will examine the data and identify areas where improvement is needed. We will look at how you’re performing compared to your competitors, and define the methods needed to increase your rankings. We will discuss the information in your report during our monthly consultation.

Citation Building

Citations are one of the major factors for increasing your rankings in local search. In general, the more citations you have, the higher you rank. However, businesses that are in competitive industries and markets have a much more difficult time getting the number of citations they need to earn those top rankings. Our Advanced Local Search Packages include monthly citation building so you can climb to the top, and enjoy the success you deserve.

Monthly Consultations

Our Advanced Packages include monthly consultation sessions where we look closely at your current situation and results. During these consultations, I will answer any questions you have about your internet presence, and provide ideas to boost it. We will also analyze your Wonderboy Websites monthly report, and put together an action plan for the next month.

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