Conversion Rate

Conversion rate refers to the ratio of website visits that result in a certain action. If your website is visited 100 times, and during 5 of those visits a conversion takes place, your website would have a 5% conversion rate.

Average Rank

Average Rank, sometimes abbreviated “Avg Rank”, refers to where a website or ad appears in search engine results pages on average, over a period of time.


A metric is a way to describe and measure an element of a website or advertising campaign’s performance. For example, a common metric to describe a website’s performance is the number of unique visitors. Sometimes people use the acronym “KPI”, or “Key Performance Indicator”.


A form is an element placed on a website that collects data from users. Forms are very important for any marketing-focused website.


A visit is when a person goes to your website a single time. This is a metric related to your web traffic. Generally, the more visits you have the better. Some visits are higher in quality than others. Also known as: Session Related to: Web traffic, traffic metrics Notes to add: also known as: related to:…