Definitions of terms related to web design, online marketing, the internet and computers.

Cost Per Click

Cost per click, which is frequently abbreviated as “CPC”, refers to the price paid per click in a pay per click advertising campaign.

Click Through Rate

Click through rate, frequently abbreviated as “CTR”, is a metric usually used to describe the ability of an ad to generate clicks. CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. An ad shown 1000 times with 10 clicks would have a 1% click through rate. Click through rate can…


A metric is a way to describe and measure an element of a website or advertising campaign’s performance. For example, a common metric to describe a website’s performance is the number of unique visitors. Sometimes people use the acronym “KPI”, or “Key Performance Indicator”.


In general, a click is using a computer mouse to select an item on a computer interface. On the web, clicking can result in new pages being loaded, forms being submitted, settings being saved, and actions being triggered. Clicks are also a metric in Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), which refers to the number of times…


An impression is a term used in advertising to describe a single time a particular ad is shown. Digital ads are frequently sold at a cost per thousand impressions, which is called CPM (Cost per mille). Mille is the latin word for thousand.


A form is an element placed on a website that collects data from users. Forms are very important for any marketing-focused website.


A visit is when a person goes to your website a single time. This is a metric related to your web traffic. Generally, the more visits you have the better. Some visits are higher in quality than others. Also known as: Session Related to: Web traffic, traffic metrics Notes to add: also known as: related to:…